Best 8 Seater Cars of 2021 in Australia

Best 8 Seater Cars of 2021 in Australia

Are you looking for a car with a larger seating capacity than your ideal family vehicle? Generally, cars with much larger seating capacities can be very useful for slightly bigger families, and can also serve during other important times. One can even look at carpooling, family camping, transporting people between places, etc. Therefore, 8 seater cars can be a useful addition to many families, as they can be operated as multi-purpose vans at times. Considering that a number of 8 seater cars are available in the country, it wouldn’t really harmful to list three of the best 8 seater cars of 2019 in Australia. These will give you a good view of what you can expect of vehicles like these, and accordingly make your pick if you are indeed planning to buy one.

Mercedes Benz Viano –

Mercedes Viano

Mercedes is one of the premier makers that come to everyone’s mind when thinking of cars. The company makes it a point to provide very luxurious interiors as well as exteriors in all of their cars. The Viano is also among those cars that benefit from such a stance. In fact, it is even considered the best of the 8 seater lot in the market at present.

Some of its best features include

  • It is powered by a V6 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine. This equips the car for the best ride in its category at 165kW/440Nm. It has a BlueEFFICIENCY engine that is basically designed for the maximum fuel efficiency (of around 8.6ltr/100km), and further minimum emissions (with exhaust CO2 scores at 226g/km). This is basically very great for drivers who are eco conscious and like smoother drives.
  • The interiors of this vehicle are something to truly take note of. First of all it is highly spacious, and then it features dashboard technology. This 8 seater features trimmed seats that are draped with Lugano leather. Also, the dashboard controls that are present in the car easily rival an E-class sedan, and also the command APS system that comes with its 6.5-inch color display; HDD navigation and voice recognition add plenty more feel to the overall luxury in the car.


 Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle –

transporter shuttle Volkswagon 8 seater car


This vehicle is mainly suited to rugged drivers because it can be handled well in many different types of roads. Again, this vehicle also comes with spacious interiors and which makes it suitable for transporting many people or even cargo. Moreover, these vehicles are easier to modify to accommodate people with disabilities who would like to use their NDIS funds.

The features of the Shuttle are

  • There is a choice of 5 types of engines for buyers, all of them being 2.8 liter ones and differing in power from 84PS to 180PS.
  • It offers a fuel efficiency of around 30-32 miles per gallon. This rating can be classified as something that is rather respectable.
  • The safety features that come with the car make it among the best in the range. Among features that are offered are multiple airbags, traction control and an electronic stability program.


Chrysler Town and Country –

  • The Chrysler Town and Country comes with a 3.6 liter V6 engine which generates 283HP and 260lb-ft torque.
  • It gives a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon on open roads and around 17mpg in city premises.
  • It boasts of spacious interiors with plenty of room for folding seats, large amounts of cargo.
  • Chrysler also offer many safety features and has traction control, stability control, anti-lock disk brakes and the presence of multiple airbags.

These mentioned above are easily the best 8 seater cars in Australia. Make sure you don’t forget to take a test drive before making your ultimate pick.

Few More Suggestions for 8 Seater Cars Include :-


Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series

 Toyota Tarago


Kia Grand Carnival


 Ford Explorer


Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

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