Should I Buy A Used VW TDI

The prospect of driving around in a Volkswagen can be quite enthralling, especially if you are on the lookout for a vehicle that is fuel efficient, and which has excellent power ratings.

The Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) is an advanced engine technology that has been developed to power specific models of the Volkswagen, and which enables the vehicle to run on reduced fuel, while producing fewer emissions at the same time.

The used Volkswagen TDI’s are almost as reliable as the firsthand versions of this vehicle, in terms of fuel, emission efficiency, and power driving. If you are interested in buying a used Volkswagen TDI and are wondering whether, or not it would be a good idea to do so, read on.

What are the Benefits of Driving a Used Volkswagen TDI?

Buying a Volkswagen TDI even if it has been used before, can be a beneficial thing for you to do, as the science on which TDI works, is aimed at keeping the engine of your vehicle powerful and compact at the same given time.

The TDI engines are capable of delivering high torque levels over an extensive rev range. The rev range refers to the speed range within which an engine has been created to function. This means that the hauling capabilities of such vehicles are quite incredible.

The Volkswagen TDI is characterized by a robust combustion engine that entails a reduction in fuel consumption as well as in carbon dioxide emissions, without any compromise being made to driving dynamics.

When driving around in a used Volkswagen TDI, you will not only benefit from using a fast paced and beautifully designed vehicle, but one which is not harmful for the environment either.

Most of the Volkswagen BiTDI and Volkswagen Euro 6 TDI engines are known to function on Start and Stop technology, which makes driving such vehicles quite safe and secure.

Regenerative braking and low rolling resistance are also important features associated with the Volkswagen TDI, which are a standard for fuel efficiency and increased savings, even if you are using a second hand TDI in the place of a new one.

The Volkswagen turbo diesel engines also come equipped with enhanced sound insulation options, enabling you to enjoy a refined and quiet driving experience, regardless of whether you are using a used Volkswagen TDI or a firsthand vehicle.

Driving a Used Volkswagen TDI

Considerations to Make when buying a Used Volkswagen TDI

While the thought of buying a used Volkswagen TDI can be quite tempting, given that the advantages of using a secondhand version of the Volkswagen TDI is not too different from using a new or firsthand one, there are some important considerations which you must make prior to engaging in any purchase.

Get a Technical “Fix” to avoid Legal Hassles when driving a Used Volkswagen TDI

A common fear that most buyers of Volkswagen diesel cars are possessed with, is regarding the fix or the technical modification that is installed by dealers onto the TDI, in order to make these legal for running over long distances on the road.

The concern revolves around how negatively it is that this installation can impact the performance of the vehicle. You need to be aware of the fact that most TDI vehicles, barring those that were manufactured in the years between 2012 and 2014, are capable of being fixed, or modified, rather, in order to make these compliant with the latest emission regulations.

As the owner of a used Volkswagen TDI, you will be able to take your vehicle to a local Volkswagen dealership and have it transformed into a regular old diesel car, instead of allowing it to be a dirty diesel car.

The fix in question is not always perfect yet the imperfections associated with it are far milder than the imperfections that can arise when using the Volkswagen TDI for a couple of years, on a regular basis.

If you are looking to buy a used Volkswagen TDI you should opt for a vehicle that contains the fix already, instead of getting this installation done once you procure it. The entire process of getting in touch with local dealers and engineers to install the fix can be quite a trying experience and is avoided at best.

Consider Impact of Volkswagen TDI on the Environment

The fact that the used Volkswagen TDI is a vehicle that runs on diesel is an important matter to consider as well. With climate change concerns gripping the countries of Europe and America, there is a tendency to move towards electric powered vehicles as opposed to fuel powered ones, putting the fuel powered economy at considerable risk.

Volkswagen TDI on the Environment

Consider Operational Efficiency and Noise Factors

Diesel cars are not capable of running as efficiently as cars that run on gas. Yet when it comes to the Volkswagen TDI, this is a quiet vehicle with ample power that is capable of running for weeks at a stretch without showing any sign of extensive fuel usage, hence a purchase of even a used Volkswagen TDI can turn out to be quite worthy, in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best used Volkswagen TDI that I can buy?

Ans: Some of the best Volkswagen TDI to buy, if you are buying a used vehicle instead of an old one, are the Volkswagen Passat P8, the Volkswagen Golf MK7 and the Volkswagen Jetta A6.

Q2. Why is a used Volkswagen TDI so reasonable to purchase?

Ans: In a second market, buyers are mostly aware of the fact that expensive repairs are more than likely and will prefer to buy vehicles whose repairs they can easily afford. Hence the used Volkswagen TDI’s are reasonably priced.

Q3. Is a used Volkswagen TDI car reliable?

Ans: The reliability rating for a used Volkswagen TDI is 3.5 on a scale of 5, which implies that the ownership costs are above average. The vehicle is thus moderately reliable in terms of use.

Q4. Does the used Volkswagen Jetta pose a lot of problems?

Ans: Power windows may require repair occasionally, but by and large, the used Volkswagen Jetta is likely to function smoothly, unless it has been running on the road for more than 23 years.


The used Volkswagen TDI is fuel efficient, reasonably priced, runs quietly over great distances, and is safe to drive. It is therefore worth making a purchase of a used Volkswagen TDI.

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