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Nissan Dualis Review – [4 to 7 Seater ] – Explore Hidden Problems & Sol

The Nissan Dualis is one of the cars which has got the hybrid body. It combines the looks of hatchback and a compact SUV( read Subaru Tribeca Review here). That’s the reason Nissan Dualis is as popular in Australia as it in Europe. It has got some amazing features with an attractive price range.



Nissan Dualis has got the best engine in its class which offers strong performance and amazing fuel economy. It has got a 2.0 liters four cylinder petrol engine with 198Nm of torque at 4400rpm and 102kW of power at 5200rpm. Apart from this, it offers a six-speed manual transmission, 8.3 all-wheel drive and uses 8 liters of regular unleaded petrol per 100km. While, the six speed CVT offers 8.4 all-wheel drive and uses 8.2 liters of petrol per 100km.


Nissan Dualis ST offers 16- inch alloy wheels, LED tail lights, full-size steel spare, cruise control, height adjustable driver’s seat, leather wrapped adjustable steering wheel, a four speaker audio system, Bluetooth phone connectivity and iPod integration.

Dualis Ti offers 18-inch alloys, automatic headlights and wipers, front fog lights, chrome exterior highlights, rear privacy glass, smart key with keyless entry, and panoramic glass roof with a power sunshade, push-button start, leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, front map lights, heated front seats and a rear armrest.


Dualis Ti-L offers AWD with CVT. Along with this, it has got unique black-painted alloys, a limited slip differential, silver roof rails, reversing camera with path predictor and five-inch color display screen with satellite navigation. There is an amazing feature known as Nissan’s around view monitor. There are four cameras located at four different locations. One at front badge, one on the tailgate and rest of two at the base of both side mirrors. Around view feature uses these wide angle, high resolution camera to give the driver more information about the position of nearby vehicles and parking space lines. This amazing feature has got two modes. By using one mode, a driver can get full view display, which is extremely helpful while performing reverse 90 degree parking. The other mode is useful for the left side view which helps in judging distance from the gutter while parking the car. This feature is only available in the luxury cars, but Nissan Dualis offers this feature at an amazing price.

Design and Interior:

It has got comfortable front seats and it offers an amazing view from the driver’s seat. It is possible because of the higher hatchback stance, but tall drivers may feel uncomfortable as the seat can’t be adjusted low enough. The back seats of the car are quite comfortable and it offers a good amount of knee space. However, rear vents are missing in the car which could have improved the comfort of second row seats. It has got a beautiful full length panoramic sunroof due to which visibility is quite good for both the rear and front seats.

The dashboard is stylish with a clean cabin layout and it offers a good quality feel. The small screen audio system is positioned low on the center stack due to which a driver has to take his eyes a fair way from the road. It has got a satellite navigation, which is simple to program. Cruise control, climate control, audio settings and few other features are simple to use and can be easily navigated.


It has got 60:40 split rear seats which creates ample load space for long items and has a 410 liters flat floor boot. It offers a full range of safety features with six airbags, electronic stability and has a four star crash rating.


The steering is light weight and is situated at the straight ahead position. The drive train is quite responsive and its driver focused. The engine of the car remains quite, but if it is pushed hard, it will offer high-pitched noise. It does not work well while going up hills and while overtaking due to the revs which spirals above 5000rpm.

The drive is not that comfortable and the car bounces and shudders when it is passed over the bumps. However, the ride quality is good when passed over from potholes and surface joins. Body control is good, but it tends to lean in corners.

The Ti-L models come with three settings, which are 2WD, lock and auto. 2WD holds front wheel dive at all the times, lock mode maintains a 50:50 split between both axles and Auto mode which controls wheel slip.


ST manual 2WD costs $24,990 due to which it is the most affordable SUV in the market. The CVT model in ST 2WD costs $27,490. The other variants costs as follow:

Ti manual 2WD – $29,690

Ti CVT 2WD – $32,190

Ti-L manual 2WD – $31,540

Ti-L CVT 2WD – $34,040

Ti-L CVT AWD – $36,240

For capped price service, a user will have to pay extra price. Nissan offers this service for the first six years or 120,000km, with services scheduled every six months or 10,000km. The cost of this service range from $216 to $703 for every six months. Thus a user will have to pay a total of close to $4300 to enjoy the capped price service. The company also offers a three year/100,000km warranty and a 24 hour road side assistance for three years.


  • Amazing features at an attractive price.
  • Excellent view monitor
  • Practical and efficient


  • Hard Rear Seats
  • Low-opening tailgate
  • Design Ageing  

Final Verdict:

In Europe, it is known by the name Qashqai and is very much popular. It has got the same popularity in Australia too. It is a good family car and acts as an all-rounder. The view monitor feature offered by Nissan is what it makes it unique from other cars in this price segment. It plays the role of both SUV and an oversized hatchback. So, if you need a car which can provide you the feature of both SUV and hatchback, which is spacious, offers amazing feature and is low at cost, Nissan Dualis is a perfect choice.

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